Interpreting and translation services that break barriers in communication, and medical transportation service that your patient can rely on.


Beloz breaks cultural and language barriers in communication. Connect with our network of 1000 + certified and experienced interpreters for your on-site, video, or phone interpreting services anywhere around the world.

With more than 100 languages available, we provide interpreting services for all professional settings including medical, legal, educational, and business.

Medical consultations? IME appointments? FCEs? QME process? Physical therapies? Occupational therapies? Lab testing and procedures? Mediations? Court dispositions? Client-Attorney meetings? Depositions and hearings? HR Meetings? Interviews? Training sessions? Teacher-Parent meetings? LEP meetings, Immigration interviews? Case managements? SSA benefits? Home Visits? Social service benefit evaluations? We cover all and many more professionally.


At Beloz, you will Connect with our network of 1000 + certified and experienced translators for your translation needs within a minute. With more than 100 languages available, our professional linguists provide translation services for all types of documents and all professional settings including medical, legal, educational, and business. With Beloz, rest 100% assured that accuracy will be met, and turnaround will be well-timed.


We utilize professional linguists who are native speakers of their respective languages and who have a profound understanding of their respective cultures to translate audio recorded documents. Email us at for more information


With Beloz, you will get a market winning localization of your digital platform. We help companies meet the global audience by localizing their products while taking cultural and legal considerations strictly into account.


We produce professional voice-over recordings for educational, marketing and informational purposes. We also turn English scripts into localized videos in any desired language. email us for more information


Driven by compassion, we take pride in being part of our customers recovery process. Whether it's your injured worker, disabled, or senior patient, Beloz will get them safely from and to their appointment locations. Our well-timed non-emergency medical transportation service prioritizes customers care and satisfaction. We believe that any health condition comes with emotional burden. That's why we strive to offer services that put smiles on the faces of our customers.


Opinions from individuals with limited English proficiency have helped hundreds of our customers innovate their services and reach effectiveness. Our team of bilingual survey technicians call and speak to respondents in their native languages and obtain responses for you in professional manner. Email us at for more information


Patient no-shows, one of numerous ways hospitals lose, not only millions of dollars but also the lives of patients they love serving. Beloz has helped hundreds of customers fix this issue. Our bilingual schedulers call, speak and provide appointment details to patients with limited English proficiency. Email us at for more details.


Whether it’s after school or withing teacher classrooms, our bilingual tutors help students with limited English proficiency unlish their intelectual potentials and excel academically by providing them with tailored tutoring services that meet their individual needs. Email us at for more information